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Sorry for no news

Not much been happening of late, played a bit of Battletech. Done some reading. But ive just been a bit low in general with things.

Hopefully next week will be better, need to get out and get some sun.

Take care.


A restfull few days

Not done any painting over the past few days since finishing those 10mm vehicles. What I have done is read up the rules for Battletech, and my what a fun game that is. Had my first proper game with the intro rules on monday against Pete. It was a lot of fun, even with the flicking back and forth in the rulebook. We called it after about 4 turns due to time and id managed to down one of his mechs.

Been reading about the background as well, and my is there a lot of it.

Anyway, about to go do some painting so ill leave you for now.

Take care.

German WW2 10mm

Hi all,

Well Ive been a little bit more driven today and finaly got some sections of my BKC German force completed.

Firstly the transport section. These are 6 Opel Trucks from the Pendraken range. They were really nice models, the canvas tilt is a seperate part of the model so you could choose to have it unglued if you wanted to show the contents of your trucks. I have based them on 20x40mm of 2.5mm MDF that I got, allong with all my bases, from East Riding Miniatures. The base was then built up using wall filler to give it some definiton. The Truck is the super glued on top. I have used sand, flock and static grass to dress the base and give it some character. As this is one of the projects I started prior to working on the blog i dont have anything in the way of assembly pictures, but here they are finished and ready for service.
Opel Trucks

Next I have my tanks, ive 3 bases of Panzer IV g and 3 bases of Hetzers. Again these are Pendraken models, again there excelent quality. I based them in the same fasion as the trucks but the base dimentions are 30x50mm.
Panzer IV g


Also today I did a little more work on the support weapons. Painting the MG42s and putting the flock down on the bases.


Thanks as allways for reading.

I Win – Battletech arrived.

Hey all, just a quick update.

The 25th Anniversery Edition Introductory Set for Battletech arrived the other day. Ive been reading through the rules and tonight I ran through the quickstart mission, very basic rules I think more to get timeing down more than anything else. Me and my mate Matt maneuvered for possition and the first shot fired in anger was from my Enforcer straight into the head of his Hunchback. I took minimal laser burns on my mechs left arm but the price of victory is never free.

Looking forward to playing the proper game, if only I can find hard copies of the Battletech Rules in the UK at a normal price.

Also my KR Multicase storage arrived today for my 10mm stuff, they seem very nice. I will need more than i ordered though, maybe. Have to see when i get teh russians based up.

Take care.

Blergh, grumble argh

Not done much of late, done some final touches on my trucks and such, but not enough to want to do a post about it. Ive just fallen into a bit of a rut the past couple of days, need to pull myself together and try and get out of it.

I did however go to my local library and get some books out. Im about halfwaythrough Stainless Steel Rats Revenge which reads very well. The other one took out is a complation of Conan storys. No doubt I may see if a Conan game is doable.

Anyway, take care and thanks for reading.

Trucks – German WW2 10mm

Got some more work done on these loverly models by Pendraken. Simple enough in theory to paint. VMC Middlestone for the body work then Khaki on the tilt. The Middlestone just wouldnt cover so ended up putting a GW Gryphonne Sepia wash on the wood and Badab Black wash on the cab and drybrushing VMC Middlestone over it again. It looks quite nice. Think I will finish it all of with a GW Devlin Mud wash but im not sure as yet.

German Trucks

German Trucks

The windows, im thinking a very very dark blue with some white reflection lines accross, not 100% sure as yet but ill keep you informed.

Trucks and Support – German WW2 10mm

Got the base coat on this lot of the Dunkelgelb. The colour I use for this is Vallejo Model Colours “Middlestone”. Usualy this goes on no problem at all, it covered my tanks fine. However on the trucks I seem to have done 3 coats and it still seems dark. However since the paint changes in the field due to wear im happy with it as it is. Once its fully dry ill go over it with a wash brown/black do a quick dry brush on the trucks in Middlestone again and then I should be able to work on the tilts.

As for the various support weapons, MG42’s mortars and antitank weapons one coat sufficed. They will get washed when the entire miniature is painted.

So heres some photos.

On another note I think I need a new camera, the one I have seems very intermitent in the quality of its photos.

Thanks for reading.