Getting them dressed – German WW2 10mm

Todays big job was painting my 10mm uniforms on. Simple enough job but poor light allmost had me throwing them out the window. I used a basecoat of Vallejo Model Colour “German Fieldgrey WW2” I brushed this liberaly over the minis, knowing that any over painting can easily be corrected later. Then a good highlight of that colour mixed with Vallejo Model Colour “Ivory”. I use ivory as opposed to White on the advice of my friend Pete who rightly pointed out that using white can result in a more pastle looking shade which tends not to come with Ivory.

Anyway thats all the germans painted, and heres how they look in all there messy glory.

Germans in Uniform
Germans in Uniform

As allways, thanks for reading.


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Im currently off work due to depression and other illness, and have decided to use miniature gaming as a way to help rebuild my concentration and confidence in myself. Ive many other hobbys which may come into this blog, but it shall mainy cover both the miniatures and scenery I buy and paint/assemble as well as my general feelings about how I am coping. View all posts by countzero99uk

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