Fleshed the Cultists

So ive tried to do the flesh nicely on the cultists, did a mix of Chestnut Brown with Orange Brown as the base, which looked really good. On top of that I did Medium Fleshtone then a wash of dev mud. More Medium Fleshtone, then a dot of Light Flesh in that. Another wash and finaly a highlight with the base mix with a dot more light flesh in. It looks “ok” but I think its a little messy. I suppose ill get better in time.

Thanks for looking.


About countzero99uk

Im currently off work due to depression and other illness, and have decided to use miniature gaming as a way to help rebuild my concentration and confidence in myself. Ive many other hobbys which may come into this blog, but it shall mainy cover both the miniatures and scenery I buy and paint/assemble as well as my general feelings about how I am coping. View all posts by countzero99uk

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