Ground floor almost finished.

What a productive couple of days, started work on some minis and got a lot of cutting and gluing done on my paper terrain.

Last night with Southpark on in the background I cut out most of the 6×6 inch tiles prints. And then today with Star Wars 4,5 and 6 on i got the rest done. All cut out all glued and edged, that is run a black marker around the score folds so they dont show up too white.

The following pic is of the table, I’ve put in blank tiles for where the 3×6’s will be going. And also there not fastend together with the “thingy” as yet so there a bit loose. But you get the general picture. Again i must thank Silveri from the World Works Games boards for letting me use his plan.

Anyway thanks for looking.
Take care all.


About countzero99uk

Im currently off work due to depression and other illness, and have decided to use miniature gaming as a way to help rebuild my concentration and confidence in myself. Ive many other hobbys which may come into this blog, but it shall mainy cover both the miniatures and scenery I buy and paint/assemble as well as my general feelings about how I am coping. View all posts by countzero99uk

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