DKH – Undead Revenant Troop

Hi all,

Just been working on the Revenant Troop for my dwarf kings hold game, these are the more heavily armoured skeletons for the game.

Ive decided that they are to be in red robes the rest of the model will be painted in much the same way as the Skeleton Troop. The only other difference will be the embelished armour and helms will be done maybe in gold – thought im not fully decided as yet.

Heres a work in progress shot.

Anyway hope you like.

The weathers terrible down here today so no light, so i doubt ill get much more in the way of painting done.

Take care out there


About countzero99uk

Im currently off work due to depression and other illness, and have decided to use miniature gaming as a way to help rebuild my concentration and confidence in myself. Ive many other hobbys which may come into this blog, but it shall mainy cover both the miniatures and scenery I buy and paint/assemble as well as my general feelings about how I am coping. View all posts by countzero99uk

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