Monthly Archives: December 2012

Dwarves for Dwarf Kings Hold finished

So after several months of painting (or more lack of painting) I have finaly got them finished.

They were a lot of fun to put together and paint. However I only had enough battery power to take one photo so here it is.

Hope you all have a happy new year.


New Year New Start

Well as can be seen from the blog its been several months since i posted anything, this is mainly down to my depression being up and down. 

The new year is comming and as we survived the Mayan Calendar running out i thought id make a new start – On another note the calendar in the kitchen runs out every year and we just buy a new one, i suppose the place you get Mayan ones from are closed.

It is my intention to post something at least once a week, maybe more often, but id sooner spend more time painting than posting.  So ill prolly just do photos during the week and a weekly digest unless i change my mind.

Anyway Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.