Puppet Wars – Main Box – December Acolyte

Right made a start on the puppets there not the smallest miniatures ive painted, but there deffinatly the smallest that i have to take care with.

I undercoat black, so when i saw that this first figure had to have a very very pale coat i wept a little inside. I painted the base of the coat with pure white then whilst that was still wet went at it with a little azure and ended with some flat blue. I like where its ended up, i may come back later and deepen the shadows, but ill see how it looks once the ruff is done.

But so far im quite pleased with how its looking

Take Care


About countzero99uk

Im currently off work due to depression and other illness, and have decided to use miniature gaming as a way to help rebuild my concentration and confidence in myself. Ive many other hobbys which may come into this blog, but it shall mainy cover both the miniatures and scenery I buy and paint/assemble as well as my general feelings about how I am coping. View all posts by countzero99uk

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