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White Gesso

I am wanting to paint up some of my figures quite vibrantly, such as the Super Dungeon Explore ones.  I have read that for best effects start from a white basecoat. As I get such a good finish from black gesso some time ago i decided to try white, the results weren’t that great, brush strokes showed up and the finish was a bit transparent.

Ive decided to try again.  This time however i bought the same brand and type of gesso, that is Windsor Newton Galeria Acrylic White Gesso.  Here are some images.

The gesso is still wet, as you can see the plastic shows through in some areas.

Dried – The lumpyness has gone, but the clear areas are still showing

Dry different angle

Now as you can see its still a bit transparent, but i think its a case of i need to put more on in my painting of this.

Thanks for looking.


Grr again.

Right well, sorry for the gap in any posts but my fingers decided to go all split and bleedy 😦

Ive decided to expand the purview of this blog.  Ill be putting in things from all gaming that I do, so board games, card games, minis as well as maybe the odd chat about random thoughts i have.

I will be doing at least an hour a day on miniatures, and will post the results up every day.  This is from monday.  If  i dont ill get nothing done what so ever.

Right well thats my promise to you as kind followers. 

Take care