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Currently on the Shelf – Vietnam.

One of my first ideas was to do a small project and the ACAV Platoon from Vietnam seemed like a great idea. I have finished most of the infantry now.

Painted Minis in Foam

A few good men

Ive also just a few more men to finish off for this project

Minis to prep

A few men more

The large part of this project was the vehicles, when I get time I’ll cover more of what the actual project covers but save to say there are a lot of M113 variants

Many M113s


And the tanks



I still have 3 more tanks to build as well as having a resin kit to put on one of them

Boxed Tanks

Living in a box

The final part for this project isn’t really required for the ACAV Platoon in a gaming sense. But I thought I liked helicopters, until I started building them. The pics follow.

UH-1B Huey

UH-1B Huey

Matchbox Cobra

AH-1 Cobra

Italeri Cayuse

OH-6 Cayuse

There there are some that are still boxed

Boxed Choppers

Boxed but not forgotten