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Currently on the Shelf – The Ground Zero Games Campaign

If you dont know Ground Zero Games do a great range of sci-fi models. Covering various ranges of scale, I think 6mm, 15mm and 25mm. As well as there own star ships. This is all backed up by there freely available rules sets Dirtside, Star Grunt 2 and Full Thrust.

I had an idea of doing a large campaing using all these rulesets to mesh together into a seamless game. The ships arriving in system and trying to breakthrough a blockade using Full Thrust, this then moving on to a large scale infantry attack on an asset using the Dirtside rules and then finaly a skirmish using Star Grunt 2. Sounds good dosnt it. However my concentration was lacking and I still havent read the rules, however at Fiasco last year I picked up some figures from the GZG store. As of yet ive not done anything with them, and I cant even recall what sides ther represent. However Ill just match the ships up at a point in the future.

I must say the GZG guy was very helpful at the show in picking me out some infantry packs so I could test the rules, Im just annoyed at myself for not having done that as yet.

Thanks for reading.