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No progress shots on this one, started it first thing this morning and now hes almost finished. Well just a little bit to do on the base. Because I am interested more in my mini painting technique than the bases I am keeping the bases plain. In this instance i will be painting it Ivory with a red/green stripe down it to represent a fighting mat.

Anyway here are the piccys.

Right as allways thanks for looking.

Take care.


Narg Finished, almost.

So been doing some more work on Narg this morning, also had to repair his paint job as well 😦 scratched some bits of ive no idea how. But i think it looks ok.

Still trying to get my contrast between highlights and shade together. And if im honest I think ive done rather well this time.

Just the base left to do, ill just fill the slot and glue some sand down and paint it up as gravel I think.

So here he is

As allways id appreciate your comments.

Narg – Hasslefree 2

Done his hood and boots now 🙂

As allways thanks for reading.

Narg – Hasslefree

Made a start on Narg.  Still trying to get flesh right, I think this looks a lot better than my previous attempts.  I think I have enough contrast between the highlight and shadow.

As allways thanks for reading.

Currently on the Shelf – Painting Practice

As im trying to improve my general skill at painting figures I decided as well as the various projects I had on to get various random sets of minis that were cheap and be tested on.

I got metal 28mm’s from Hasslefree
Hasslefree Minis
And various plastic sets in 20mm
Italeri Minis
Valiant Minis
Zvezda Minis

Ill get work done on these at some point.