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Currently on the Shelf – Painting Practice

As im trying to improve my general skill at painting figures I decided as well as the various projects I had on to get various random sets of minis that were cheap and be tested on.

I got metal 28mm’s from Hasslefree
Hasslefree Minis
And various plastic sets in 20mm
Italeri Minis
Valiant Minis
Zvezda Minis

Ill get work done on these at some point.


Currently on the Shelf – 20mm British WW2

Another of my first projects to get me into painting. It did work but Im not sure this project will get updated for some time. I just dont find the models all that inspiring.

I worked on some Valiant plastic brits first got them part painted and part undercoated.

British in WW2

Is this an Eton Mess

I also picked up some “Ready to Roll” resin vehicles to go with them

Tanks and Carriers

Ready to rumble

And finaly there was a competiting on The Guild to do some painting of the Battlefield Miniatures range so I thought I could get something to tie into that to get me working. Got some British Royal Marine Commandos for D-Day. However I just couldn’t get motivated to do them

British Commandos

Waiting for War

Thanks for reading