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Currently on the Shelf – Painting Practice

As im trying to improve my general skill at painting figures I decided as well as the various projects I had on to get various random sets of minis that were cheap and be tested on.

I got metal 28mm’s from Hasslefree
Hasslefree Minis
And various plastic sets in 20mm
Italeri Minis
Valiant Minis
Zvezda Minis

Ill get work done on these at some point.


Currently on the Shelf – 20mm Viking Skirmish

Again saw some nice models and got them, a little more thought went in to it this time as I also bought an oponent for the vikings.


Gone a Viking

Again ill propbably end up using Fat Dragons card terain and scenery for this.

Currently on the Shelf – 20mm Samurai

Saw these and thought i must have them


Fighting Japanese

Ive no idea what im going to do with them as yet in regard to system or whatever but the models are lovely.