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WIP Malifaux Cherub

Decided to start on the Malfaux Cherub from Wyrd Miniatures Puppet Wars.

Here is how they envision him

And mine

Wings to do next, i havent a clue how to do them so any advice would be greatfuly recieved.


December Acolyte Done.

Well its been a couple of days and appart from the base the mini is complete. Only 19 more to do in the first batch.

Hope you like it, any comments or questions feel free to ask :).

Dwarvern Cavalry HOTT

So these guys are now completely finished ūüôā

Really pleased with how they turned out.

Just some infantry to clean up and paint now for the Blade bases.

Then will be a matter of deciding on an enemy. Elves, Goblins or Orcs jump imediatly to mind but ill have a good look round the 15mm suppliers.

Take care

Horses for HOTT

My dwarvern cavalry has been languishing on the shelf longer than I care to think. However after seeing some of the wonderful work of Kathrynloch on CMON I decided to get some work done on them

Here it is so far.


Shae-konnit does it again

As you know I’ve dipped my toe into the world of 28mm skirmish. After seeing the Malifaux Minis it would be rude not to.

I ordered the main rulebook from Shae-konnit games and it arrived the very next day. This impressed me :).

Now the kind people there sorted out my new order, two starter boxes, Lilith and The Ortegas and also the Rising powers book. Again these arrived the day after my payment had cleared.

Im not one to normaly recomend anyone but these guys are great.

Anyway, looking forward to reading through that book.
Take care all.

WW2 German 10mm – Command Stands

Hi all,

What a week or so its been, my emotions have been like a yoyo which has meant that ive been unable to update this. However i have managed to get some work done on the minis.

Now as I stated before I was going to walk you through how I prepair and base my stands for BCK so here we go.

After cleaning up the minis, which with Pendraken minis is a 20 second job usualy just smothing the bases off. I dry assemble the minis on there relevant stand to get a feel for how the base will look. I think this is even more important for the command stands which I have done like little dioramas.

Firstly the few guns i had left

Then the Command Stand

The HQ stands

Finaly the FAO stand

As the men have little plinths I then glue these directly to the base.

Then I texture the base using the crack filling cement you can get at most hardware stores, I got mine from Wilkos. This allows me to build up the base to the mens feet. I then usualy also press whatever vehicles into the plaster to get imprints of where they should be and extend the wheel/track rutts of the base.

I then leave the base to dry for a day, just to make sure its completly set. The guns, vehicles and other items are then glued on top. Once the glue is fully cured the entire base is then undercoated in my black gesso and left to dry, again I leave it a day. Well to be fair its been about 4 so far, but the intention is only a day.

There you go. Hope this helps you.
Take care

Almost finished – 10mm WW2 Germans

What a terrible week or so its been for me. I’ve¬†been very low and unmotivated, tried doing things and it’s just¬†not happened, kept getting my flocking materials out to finish of the bases and then just not following through. I think it must be hard for anyone to look at such a simple job and thing, whats his problem it’s like¬†a 10 min job, but there you go. The mind is a strong force in all of us and when it isn’t working as it should its control is hard to break.

Anyway I have finally managed to get the work done. All of the German forces that were based up here are now fully painted and flocked, just to run them round my mate Petes for a blast of varnish.

Here are some pictures of them, as always sorry for the pictured, not much light and the camera is still the same one ive been using for ages.

10 x Standard Infantry
A mix of Pendraken Riflemen(GR1), MP40(GR2) and Officer(GR7)

4 x Infantry with Pz Shreck
A mix of Pendraken Riflemen(GR1), MP40(GR2) and Officer(GR7) and Pz Shreck team(GR5)

4 x Infantry with Pz Faust
A mix of Pendraken Riflemen(GR1), MP40(GR2) and Officer(GR7) and Pz Faust(GR6)

6 x MG42’s
Pendrakens MG42 team (GR4)

4 x 8cm GWR34 mortar
Pendrakens 8cm GWR34 mortar with crew (GR15)

2 x 120mm mortar
Pendrakens 120mm mortar with crew (GR76)

1 x 150mm IG
Pendrakens 150mm IG with crew(GR99) and some dressing from their Boxes and sacks(GR44)

Heres a quick pic of them all packed up in the KR Multicase

So now that they are done the next job is to get the final few units assembled and done. Ill try to document the entire process so you know how I do it.

To do are the following

75mm IG
2 x Pak 40
Command Stand
4 x HQ stand
FAC (i think)

And that will be the germans finished, it should also give me a nice varied force to try out some differnt things with the Blitzkreig Commander Rules.

Take care all.