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Dwarvern Cavalry HOTT

So these guys are now completely finished 🙂

Really pleased with how they turned out.

Just some infantry to clean up and paint now for the Blade bases.

Then will be a matter of deciding on an enemy. Elves, Goblins or Orcs jump imediatly to mind but ill have a good look round the 15mm suppliers.

Take care


Horses for HOTT

My dwarvern cavalry has been languishing on the shelf longer than I care to think. However after seeing some of the wonderful work of Kathrynloch on CMON I decided to get some work done on them

Here it is so far.


Currently on the Shelf – Hordes of the Things

A small project I started with the hope I could get something finished. It didn’t happen then, however there is still more time ahead. I decided to go for a 15mm Dwarf army and picked the miniatures up from Irregular Miniatures.

Got some of the units finished

Hott Dwarves

What no Axe?

The cavalry are almost there

Horses under Dwarvers

My dwarfdom for a Horse

And the blades are still to be started

Blades in baggys

They are sleeping.