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Grr again.

Right well, sorry for the gap in any posts but my fingers decided to go all split and bleedy 😦

Ive decided to expand the purview of this blog.  Ill be putting in things from all gaming that I do, so board games, card games, minis as well as maybe the odd chat about random thoughts i have.

I will be doing at least an hour a day on miniatures, and will post the results up every day.  This is from monday.  If  i dont ill get nothing done what so ever.

Right well thats my promise to you as kind followers. 

Take care



Puppet Wars – Main Box – December Acolyte

Right made a start on the puppets there not the smallest miniatures ive painted, but there deffinatly the smallest that i have to take care with.

I undercoat black, so when i saw that this first figure had to have a very very pale coat i wept a little inside. I painted the base of the coat with pure white then whilst that was still wet went at it with a little azure and ended with some flat blue. I like where its ended up, i may come back later and deepen the shadows, but ill see how it looks once the ruff is done.

But so far im quite pleased with how its looking

Take Care

There may be some delay in my posts

Hi all, as some of you know im suffering from sever depression and anxiety and this hobby has been me trying to bring some order to it. The sporadic posts and lenght of time it takes me to complete projects is really a factor of the illness.

Anyway, i am currently going through the UK benefits system again as they are getting rid of the benefit i am on Incapacity Benefit and moving me (maybe) to Employment Support Allowance.  This entre process is a nightmare the person i saw and who assesmed me was aggressive and unsupportive of my illness as well as unprofessional in her manner when talking about what i cant do with out assistance.  It is doubtful i will be able to do any painting/posting till this is resolved simpley as i am too worked up and tired out through not sleeping.

If you are interested in seeing the “Medical Assesment” i went through there were recently two programes on UK tv.  One on BBC1 – Panorama – Disabled and Faking it , this can be seen here

The other was on Channel 4 – Despatches – Britain on the Sick – this can be seen here


I hope you watch these and are as angry as I am.  The thing to recall is that anyone can need the help of the system at some point in their life.  And some need it more than others. Why punish those who have fallen on hard times because of those few who try and defraud the system.

Anyway please link this to anyone you feel may enjoy it.


Here comes the sun

Yay, sun came out and I managed to get some final shots of the cultists.

Its nice to think that this entire project only took a week. That may seem like a long time for some people. But this is the “First” project i have actualy managed to finish 🙂 so im happy.

Hope you like the finished models.


I hope you like this. Im putting it up on for voting on here I know its not anywhere near there top level, but i like it 🙂

Take care

Cultists reprimed

After noticing the mould lines on the shoulders I filed them off on 3 of the cultists.

They look better now.

So now for the robes, anyone got a suggestion as to the colours? Was thinking taking the easy route with brown/dark brown. A freind has suggested Yellow :(. Ill see what comes in.

Take care.