Project Plan for 2013

So whats happening this year?

Wyrd’s Puppet Wars – Last year I managed to get my hands on a pack of all the pawn boosters and the multi player set to go with the base set i got the other christmas. Ive currently got the puppets from the base set undercoated and on the painting bench.
Mantics Dwarf Kings Hold – Last year I completed the figures from Dead Rising. This year i hope to get the rest done. So thats Green Menace and Ancient Grudge. So elves and orcs a plently and a few more dwarves and undead.
20mm WW2 Brits – Putting together a platoon of these to use with Two Hour Wargames Nuts system. I have some Plastic Soldier Company Late War British Infantry 44-45 and some Ready to Roll resin Shermans and Universal Carriers.
Super Dungeon Explore – Hope to get this painted this year as ive promised myself i wont buy the expansions till its completed.
Zombicide (Abominiation) – Ive been playing a lot of this so the minis will need a good wash before i do anything with them. Then its painting. Ive 3 trays of zombies atm so ill probly do them a tray at a time to not impact on playing the game as much.
Sedition Wars (Biohazard)x2 – This should arrive next week I bought 2 sets as i like the miniatures so much and am intending on using them for Two Hours Wargames New Beggings/Star Army wargames. So ill get one set painted whilst playing with the other.
Kingdom Death Monster – Ive backed this kickstarter that should be getting delivered in Nov (so call it Dec) Will prolly get some un boxing shots 🙂
Mad-Max – Im going to be looking at doing some Mad Max style vehicles and miniatures in 20mm for some small games
Malifaux – Ive had some of there figures for over a year now, should really get them painted.

Right thats what i can think of of the top of my head. If i only get a third of these finished ill be happy but ill keep you updated at least weekly with how things are going.

Take Care and have fun


Dwarves for Dwarf Kings Hold finished

So after several months of painting (or more lack of painting) I have finaly got them finished.

They were a lot of fun to put together and paint. However I only had enough battery power to take one photo so here it is.

Hope you all have a happy new year.

New Year New Start

Well as can be seen from the blog its been several months since i posted anything, this is mainly down to my depression being up and down. 

The new year is comming and as we survived the Mayan Calendar running out i thought id make a new start – On another note the calendar in the kitchen runs out every year and we just buy a new one, i suppose the place you get Mayan ones from are closed.

It is my intention to post something at least once a week, maybe more often, but id sooner spend more time painting than posting.  So ill prolly just do photos during the week and a weekly digest unless i change my mind.

Anyway Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


Revenants Completed :)

Right after some time ive managed to complete the skeletons from Dwarf Kings Hold.

The normal Skeleton Troops and now the Revenants. Which are there heavier armoured bretheren.

I hope you like.

Scary shiny skellys

Scary shiny skellys

Next job in this project is the 7 Dwarves (yes i know) And thats the Dwark Kings Hold : Dead Rising box finished 🙂

Now im not sure if ill get onto that imediatly, i may try and finish of the streets that i was making for Malifaux last year.

Anyway as allways,
Thanks for reading.

There may be some delay in my posts

Hi all, as some of you know im suffering from sever depression and anxiety and this hobby has been me trying to bring some order to it. The sporadic posts and lenght of time it takes me to complete projects is really a factor of the illness.

Anyway, i am currently going through the UK benefits system again as they are getting rid of the benefit i am on Incapacity Benefit and moving me (maybe) to Employment Support Allowance.  This entre process is a nightmare the person i saw and who assesmed me was aggressive and unsupportive of my illness as well as unprofessional in her manner when talking about what i cant do with out assistance.  It is doubtful i will be able to do any painting/posting till this is resolved simpley as i am too worked up and tired out through not sleeping.

If you are interested in seeing the “Medical Assesment” i went through there were recently two programes on UK tv.  One on BBC1 – Panorama – Disabled and Faking it , this can be seen here

The other was on Channel 4 – Despatches – Britain on the Sick – this can be seen here


I hope you watch these and are as angry as I am.  The thing to recall is that anyone can need the help of the system at some point in their life.  And some need it more than others. Why punish those who have fallen on hard times because of those few who try and defraud the system.

Anyway please link this to anyone you feel may enjoy it.


The last 4 Revenants

So these four guys have been waiting on corks for months for me to get around to painting them.

It was only fair that the first work I did on the table was for them. So here we are first bit of paint 🙂 Hopefully this will break the block 🙂

Ill try and keep to regular updates, but you know how hard that is at times.

Take care out there.

The first 6 Revenants

These models were finished some time ago, but I never got around to taking pictures of the finished models, here are a couple of shots, I appologise for the size of some of the photos, im getting used to a new camera.

and all nicely lined up

Anyway I hope you like them

Take care.