Whats it all about.

Hi there and thanks for stopping by.  This is going to be my home on the web for some time now.  I hope it meets your expectations. This blog is going to contain all my projects and thoughts for gaming and painting with miniatures.

In the last 2 years since I started doing painting ive managed to do 0 (yes zero) projects of my own.  I manage to start something then due to the depression I lose focus or will and spiral down into blackness.  Then I start to feel a little better and rather than going back to a project I’ve worked on i start something else, or buy something with the intention of completing that.  It tends not to work that way.

So far I’ve covered most scales, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm as well as starship scale (whatever that is). As well as most genres.  I have fantasy, medieval, WW2, Weird War 2 and Sci-Fi models.  Ive also looked into paper terrain and figures.  So just note when i say “painting” I mean just doing something for my hobby.

Its only in the last month that I have really progressed with any of my projects. Its my intention to cover here everything I own and have started to do and then together we can see the progression I make.  I hope to get some painting done every day, which means that there should be an update every day.

Well thanks for reading hope to see you again.


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