Monthly Archives: July 2012

The last 4 Revenants

So these four guys have been waiting on corks for months for me to get around to painting them.

It was only fair that the first work I did on the table was for them. So here we are first bit of paint 🙂 Hopefully this will break the block 🙂

Ill try and keep to regular updates, but you know how hard that is at times.

Take care out there.


The first 6 Revenants

These models were finished some time ago, but I never got around to taking pictures of the finished models, here are a couple of shots, I appologise for the size of some of the photos, im getting used to a new camera.

and all nicely lined up

Anyway I hope you like them

Take care.

Getting organised

After a hectic week ive managed to get relocated into my new paint area.


Things are all nicely located near by to help me get on with the business at hand, that is painting, modeling etc.

Yes times have been tough of late but im going to try and get something done at least once a week to start with, and then working my way to once a day.  Take small steps and the miles vanish without notice.

Anyway tata