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1/35 Tamiya T-34/76

A few days ago I started work on this kit, this is the first kit ive built purely for the sake of building it, that is not to play with in my wargaming 🙂  This is a purely from the box build ive never used any after market stuff so maybe next time.

First impressions of the kit were good, it was a well formed sprue with no flashing that I could see.  After pouring over the instructions for a day or two I decided id best start.

So after about 90 mins work some wheels are partly ready by using my new tools the set of Squadron sanding sticks, was far less annoying than I thought it would be was almost zen like to be honest, slowly releasing the form from the sprue and nubs.



I finished the 10 fully metal wheels that evening.  The next day I decided to get the rest of the wheels finished.


Ive noticed that I need to sand down two of those rubbered wheels.

Then I moved onto the lower hull, some wheel sprockets? and a back plate for the lower hull.  Decided to sand it down and make it level.  Quite pleased with the results.


Dry fit of the wheels to see how they will look.


Decided to do the hatch in its open position as I couldn’t see how you were meant to fix the periscope viewers up.


Tanks rearplate cover and exhausts went on great


However there is some kind of gap in the vents, from photos ive seen I think this will be ok.


And from the front after the upper hull items have gone on.


This morning I started on the gun looks good so far.


So still to do of the build

Turret, crew and accessories.

Wheels and tracks will be fixed after base painting is done, as will the upper and lower hulls attached together.

Should get the building part finished in the next day or two I hope.

Thanks for looking any and all comments welcome.