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Currently on the Shelf – The Ground Zero Games Campaign

If you dont know Ground Zero Games do a great range of sci-fi models. Covering various ranges of scale, I think 6mm, 15mm and 25mm. As well as there own star ships. This is all backed up by there freely available rules sets Dirtside, Star Grunt 2 and Full Thrust.

I had an idea of doing a large campaing using all these rulesets to mesh together into a seamless game. The ships arriving in system and trying to breakthrough a blockade using Full Thrust, this then moving on to a large scale infantry attack on an asset using the Dirtside rules and then finaly a skirmish using Star Grunt 2. Sounds good dosnt it. However my concentration was lacking and I still havent read the rules, however at Fiasco last year I picked up some figures from the GZG store. As of yet ive not done anything with them, and I cant even recall what sides ther represent. However Ill just match the ships up at a point in the future.

I must say the GZG guy was very helpful at the show in picking me out some infantry packs so I could test the rules, Im just annoyed at myself for not having done that as yet.

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Currently on the Shelf – Warhammer 40K

This was a bit of a breakdown of 20 years of strength. When I was a 13 a mate of mine had Rogue Trader and some of the original models. The game was fun and fast but for me at the time a little expensive than my pocket money would allow so my money went on Dungeons and Dragons. I managed to avoid various incarnations of 40K through some bad times and some good times. I missed the Squats dissapearing which I am most annoyed at, but then not as annoyed as I would have been had I bought an army lovingly crafted it and then found that it was no longer playable.

Anway about November time I decided to pick up the Assault on Black Reach box. A few of my friends had started playing as well and the local gaming store was pushing the game well. Since Novemeber ive completed 10 orcs, thats it.

And here they are

40K Orks

Mad boyz need padded cells

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