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Dwarves for Dwarf Kings Hold finished

So after several months of painting (or more lack of painting) I have finaly got them finished.

They were a lot of fun to put together and paint. However I only had enough battery power to take one photo so here it is.

Hope you all have a happy new year.


Revenants Completed :)

Right after some time ive managed to complete the skeletons from Dwarf Kings Hold.

The normal Skeleton Troops and now the Revenants. Which are there heavier armoured bretheren.

I hope you like.

Scary shiny skellys

Scary shiny skellys

Next job in this project is the 7 Dwarves (yes i know) And thats the Dwark Kings Hold : Dead Rising box finished 🙂

Now im not sure if ill get onto that imediatly, i may try and finish of the streets that i was making for Malifaux last year.

Anyway as allways,
Thanks for reading.

The last 4 Revenants

So these four guys have been waiting on corks for months for me to get around to painting them.

It was only fair that the first work I did on the table was for them. So here we are first bit of paint 🙂 Hopefully this will break the block 🙂

Ill try and keep to regular updates, but you know how hard that is at times.

Take care out there.

The first 6 Revenants

These models were finished some time ago, but I never got around to taking pictures of the finished models, here are a couple of shots, I appologise for the size of some of the photos, im getting used to a new camera.

and all nicely lined up

Anyway I hope you like them

Take care.

Revenants continue to take shape.

Did some more work on the revenants today. Wasnt too sure on the armour but it seems to have worked out ok in the end.

Next will just be the finishing touches, leather, bases and done.

Take care out there.

DKH – Undead Revenant Troop

Hi all,

Just been working on the Revenant Troop for my dwarf kings hold game, these are the more heavily armoured skeletons for the game.

Ive decided that they are to be in red robes the rest of the model will be painted in much the same way as the Skeleton Troop. The only other difference will be the embelished armour and helms will be done maybe in gold – thought im not fully decided as yet.

Heres a work in progress shot.

Anyway hope you like.

The weathers terrible down here today so no light, so i doubt ill get much more in the way of painting done.

Take care out there

More Troops for Dwarf Kings Hold finished

So this is the last 6 out of the 12 standard Skeleton Troops that came with Dwarf Kings Hold – Dead Rising. There was one sprue of Skeleton Troo, and one sprue of Balefire Catapult.

There all came together nicely, the models are fantasticaly sculpted and had minimal flash and mould lines.

Anyway the piccy 🙂

Hope you like them

The next on the bench is the Mantic Skeleton Revenants from Dead Rising.

Take Care