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So whats been happening

Well ive not posted as much as I would have liked do to problems with my hands and other factors. But I have not been completely idle. Here are some photos of what Ive done and been up to over the last month or two.

Plastic Soldier British Late War figures 20mm all based up and ready to undercoat.

Rest of the brits, i based up one of the radio teams together on a base.

Ready to Roll resin 2 x Shermans and 1 Firefly with 2 Universal Carriers.

2 Airfix 1/76 Type 97 tanks for my Japanese island forces. This project has not really started as yet but i saw the two kits and the local shop and made them up real quick. Very nice kits to build.

An italieri 1/72 M48A3 for my Vietnam project. Again a nice kit and ive 2 more of these to build one of which will have the Sandbag bunker on it.

Well thats the modeling that I have done, ive also been looking at posting my gaming experiences too. So here goes. Some years back I picked up on EBAY a copy of a great game The Fellowship of the Ring by Iron Crown Enterprises. The game uses 6 sided dice to represent the player units and the number upmost represents the mode of travel and what the unit is is faced away from the opponent similar to block games. As can been seen here . The dice are old and are hard to see unless lighting is excelent so i decided to pick up some new dice to replace them. EM4 is a company ive used before to get dice from so of my order went a couple of days later a package arrived and inside were……

Clearly not dice.

A quick call to EM4 got the right things sent out to me which ive now reiceived but they kindly told be to keep hold of the Barbarians. There really nice models 🙂

Also I have recently got a copy of Horus Heresy . This game is set in the Games Workshop 40k universe and represents the war on Terra (earth) between the Emperor of Mankind versus the Traitor Horus. Its a really good game but here are just some quick photos from our first play through. Ill do a more full report when we have the rules down at the moment im sure were doing one or two things wrong.

The forces of Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Nurgle led by some Traitor Primarchs getting ready to storm the Emperors Palace.

The Emperors Palace defended by loyal Space Marines and Primarchs.

General table shot.

So as you can see ive not been idle, just not as productive as i would have hoped. Ill try and get another update out before the end of the month. Take care out there.