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Paper Streets :)

Been working on making a card city for out All Things Zombie game. I made 18 buildings, this turned out to be no where near enough. The buildings are from the World Works Games – Swift Scenics range and they are amazing. The buildings go together easily and look great. I just havent done any edging, i need to at some point just to finish them off

Should be having a city clearout this friday, ill try and get a report up after it.
Have fun and watch out for zombies.


Ground floor almost finished.

What a productive couple of days, started work on some minis and got a lot of cutting and gluing done on my paper terrain.

Last night with Southpark on in the background I cut out most of the 6×6 inch tiles prints. And then today with Star Wars 4,5 and 6 on i got the rest done. All cut out all glued and edged, that is run a black marker around the score folds so they dont show up too white.

The following pic is of the table, I’ve put in blank tiles for where the 3×6’s will be going. And also there not fastend together with the “thingy” as yet so there a bit loose. But you get the general picture. Again i must thank Silveri from the World Works Games boards for letting me use his plan.

Anyway thanks for looking.
Take care all.