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Nearly done :)

Wow, what a week its been. I cant think of a project thats had me as driven. Only 2 bases and some shoes to do and were all done, then its a matter of waiting for some good light to take some propper shots.

Heres the gang at the moment.

As allways thanks for reading.


Belted up

The progress im making on these guys is really astounding me 🙂

Its amazing how some simple techniques can get great results.

Anyway. Today ive finished the robes on all of the cultists using the same mix as before, as the final three arnt as creased didnt have to go as overboard on the shading and the few highlights i think have really helped define the robes. Also did the rope belts. For this i just used thinned Vallejo Game Colour Bloody Red with the prep work black wash its kept all the shading together.

So still to do, the weapons, eyes and footwear. And then will have to do some work on the censer. Still trying to think of colours to do that. May just end up gold/copper.

As for basing. Still not sure, will probly be something simple.

Anyway here are the photos.

As allways let me know what you think and thanks for reading.


Done another guy 🙂

Didnt do the yellow wash this time and increased the ammount of yellow in the mix for the highlights.

Anyway here are the pictures.

As allways thanks for looking.


So i thought, right ill give yellow robes a go, cant be that hard. Had a look online for pictures of yellow cloth, and all of them looked a bit too yellow orange for what i had in mind.

So in the end I just thought give it a go and see what happens.

Added a drop of VMC Khaki into some Deep Yellow. This was the base, I then put a drop more Deep Yellow in the mix for the highlights. This was ok, but I felt it wasnt Yellow enough. So I used my Vallejo Game Colour Yello Ink and just brushed that all over. This gave me the tone i wanted. I then just put a bit of Devlin Mud into the creases.

I think its all turned out ok. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

Cultists reprimed

After noticing the mould lines on the shoulders I filed them off on 3 of the cultists.

They look better now.

So now for the robes, anyone got a suggestion as to the colours? Was thinking taking the easy route with brown/dark brown. A freind has suggested Yellow :(. Ill see what comes in.

Take care.

Fleshed the Cultists

So ive tried to do the flesh nicely on the cultists, did a mix of Chestnut Brown with Orange Brown as the base, which looked really good. On top of that I did Medium Fleshtone then a wash of dev mud. More Medium Fleshtone, then a dot of Light Flesh in that. Another wash and finaly a highlight with the base mix with a dot more light flesh in. It looks “ok” but I think its a little messy. I suppose ill get better in time.

Thanks for looking.

Cultists update

Well they turned out ok. I think it must just be down to the pigment.

Anyway, did a badab black wash over them and now just a rough white drybrush and they are ready for painting.

So next task is flesh, no ideas atm, but ill poke around.

Hopefully ill get some movement done over the weekend.

Thanks for reading.