Monthly Archives: July 2011

Ground floor almost finished.

What a productive couple of days, started work on some minis and got a lot of cutting and gluing done on my paper terrain.

Last night with Southpark on in the background I cut out most of the 6×6 inch tiles prints. And then today with Star Wars 4,5 and 6 on i got the rest done. All cut out all glued and edged, that is run a black marker around the score folds so they dont show up too white.

The following pic is of the table, I’ve put in blank tiles for where the 3×6’s will be going. And also there not fastend together with the “thingy” as yet so there a bit loose. But you get the general picture. Again i must thank Silveri from the World Works Games boards for letting me use his plan.

Anyway thanks for looking.
Take care all.


Fleshed the Cultists

So ive tried to do the flesh nicely on the cultists, did a mix of Chestnut Brown with Orange Brown as the base, which looked really good. On top of that I did Medium Fleshtone then a wash of dev mud. More Medium Fleshtone, then a dot of Light Flesh in that. Another wash and finaly a highlight with the base mix with a dot more light flesh in. It looks “ok” but I think its a little messy. I suppose ill get better in time.

Thanks for looking.

Cultists update

Well they turned out ok. I think it must just be down to the pigment.

Anyway, did a badab black wash over them and now just a rough white drybrush and they are ready for painting.

So next task is flesh, no ideas atm, but ill poke around.

Hopefully ill get some movement done over the weekend.

Thanks for reading.

Undercoating issues

Just undercoated the cultists, they dont look right 😦

Ive asked on a few forums to see if this is normal from white gesso, just have to see what comes back.

Ah well, just hope they dry ok.

Will be black washing and drybrushing them white once there fully dry.


28mm Cultists

A while back I won a voucher on for use at Black Cat bases and got these 5 fellows, decided that im going to paint these up next as practice for my Wyrd minis that I should be ordering next week.

Annoyingly ive noticed one of them has a mold line right down his face, need to get that sorted.

I was also hopeing to do something nice on the bases, like a pentagram or something but the plaster just didnt get smooth enough, ill see how it looks after undercoating.

Heres a quick shot

Anyway take care.

Paper Update.

So for the last week ive been printing and printing and then doing some more printing. I must say, im very pleased that I got the refillable ink carts, I dread to think how much Id have spent otherwise.

Ok so after the printing I had to cut out the templates of the foamboard.

Then its just a matter of cutting out the prints and wrapping them round. Ive managed to get all the 3×3 inch tiles I need for my currect layout done and here is a piccy.

Im really pleased with how they look and how cheap its worked out to be. Also the TLX system is very storage friendly so yays all round.

Take care and have fun.

Paper cuts and foamboard dreams

Been working on my scenery the last week. No pictures as yet 😦

Its paper terrain from World Works Games. They have a really good modular system which means it stores well and you dont have to build the same thing each time. Think paper lego 🙂

What this does mean however is that there is a lot of prep work. Cutting foamboard templates for the actual surfaces these are cut in a kind of jigsaw piece manner so they can clip with other tiles. Its a lot of work, but im certain its going to be worth it.

When i actualy get something assembled ill get it posted.